András Sallai
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I'm András Sallai, a web developer living in Budapest, Hungary.
I think the Internet is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It's gigantic. An endless sea of knowledge, data, cat gifs, tentacle porn, and general wonderfulness. But seriously, for me it's all about building new things, putting pieces together. With sufficient knowledge of the web, one can solve problems on a global scale having just a computer and an internet connection. I find that amazing.

In my free time I work out, combine manuals with bunny hops, even do some flips occasionally. I love sports. I read a lot, mostly technical and scientific stuff, these make me feel important. I'm a digital painting enthusiast, particularly interested in landscape concept art. I may even paint from time to time. I'd love to start traveling the world looking for things to build and problems to solve - also to go fast and jump off things.

I find sleeping and politics to be a complete waste of time. I don't like beer. I do like wine. I think the mainstream media is the mother of all evil, and curiosity, science and technology are our redeemers. I stopped watching television when I was about 16 and you should too! It kills your brain.

If you also know what 'bagóleső', 'fittyet hányni' and 'Lúdas Matyi' means, then you should be proud to speak one of the most versatile, funny and sarcastic languages on the planet. If you don't, you are from a country that was much more lucky throughout history than mine, that's for sure.

I'm currently available not available for part-time work so but let me know if you need some help or want to offer me a job, because I am constantly looking for new opportunities. Also, if you want to discuss something interesting or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me!

My skills

Having worked in bioinformatics, I have dealt with various medical data formats like DICOM or HL7 and related communication protocols, which, frankly were a pain, but a valuable experience nontheless. I understand what an efficient relational database schema means and have experience normalizing and designing relational databases. I know HTTP well and understand the workings of the underlying TCP and IP layers.

I spend most of my time designing and writing php backends and have experience with a couple of MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel or Yii, which I have the most experience with. For the various dependencies, I like to use Composer. I'm quite comfortable writing SQL queries in case ActiveRecord or a similar abstraction isn't around.

I wrote quite a lot of client side logic in vanilla JavaScript, used a lot of the famous jQuery library for DOM manipulation and AJAX stuff. I have been working on a YouTube related single page app which uses the YouTube Data API using their javascript library to fetch video data and manages the asynchronous calls with js promises. I have a bit of experience with Angular.js and Backbone, used underscore.js - a wonderful extension for the language - and handlebars. I really like the idea behind the AMD specification and Require.js, have used the AMD module system in multiple projects.

I've had my fair share of writing HTML and CSS/SCSS/SASS so I'm very comfortable with them, but there are things I enjoy more than building layouts. I used grunt for various frontend tasks and bower for client side package management.

I write clean, well stuctured and DRY code that describes itself. I don't mind doing TDD but only when it's necessary. I love how Object Oriented designs make a system's components neatly structured and hide the their implementations from each other but i also I love the concept of functional programming. I think combining the two paradigms can work very well. I find GIT to be completely indispensible, I use github and bitbucket daily. In the near future, I'd like to learn more about ruby, python, C, Go, Java and something crazy like haskell. Languages are mere tools. The more the better.

I am passionate about software development. I find it challenging, engaging, rewarding. I truly love doing what I do and I strive for excellence in every way. My dream is to become one of the best all-round software developers / architects in the world and participate in solving problems worthy of a sci-fi movie.

My interests


He is a great developer. He has done some amazing work on our super secret software.

The CEO of a secret company

I like András a lot! He writes better code than me.

One of my best friends, a musician

He can be very annoying sometimes!

My fiancée